Monday, November 2, 2009

Every Other Family in the Four County Metro...or Just Us.

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day here in North Texas. This after several soggy, cold weekends. We decided to take advantage of the day by visiting the Dallas Arboretum. Unfortunately, so did every other family in the four county metro area. The parking lot was closed and they were running a shuttle from a remote (and I do mean remote) parking lot. We finally found the remote parking only to encounter a line that stretched for a good city block, made longer by the fact that every family in line had 2.2 jogging strollers and the jumbo sized Radio Flyer wagon outfitted with all the supplies one might need for an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. Whatever that might be. Anywho, we decided we really didn't wish to spend such a beautiful day with every other family in the four county metro so we left. After much grumbling and complaining from the middle and back rows we finally decided to head to The Heard Museum of Natural Science. It turned out to be our good fortune that the Arboretum was packed as we ended up having the Heard practically to ourselves and it was wonderful. I suspect much better than if we had braved that line and spent the day with every other family in the metro area. So please sit back and enjoy our lovely pictures of a natural Texas fall. The Heard is a natural science museum that consists of six different walking trails, each highlighting a particular habitat (forest, wetland, prairie and meadow.) We walked the wetlands and the prairie trails, and visited the animals in the sanctuary. With all of our recent rain the wetlands look more like a lake than a swamp.

I'm sure the linked within will pick up my post from last October's trip to the Arboretum so enjoy those too. It's a completely different environment, but equally as long as every other family in the four county metro isn't there with jogging strollers and wagons!

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Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Well I hate standing in line so I also would have made other plans! The place you went to looks wonderful and how nice to have it to yourselves!



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