Friday, November 27, 2009

Reflections on Thanksgiving

Being grateful. Something that generates much talk. Yet, something that is often difficult to achieve.

I feel truly blessed and am always aware at the surface of just how blessed I am. Too often, however, I forget to go below the surface for the finer things that result in real, lived gratitude. Living in real gratitude is easier, I think, when life is going along smoothly, comfortably. It gets hard when things become more difficult. Thanksgiving day in North Texas was a lovely day; beautiful bright sunshine, pleasant aromas coming from the kitchen, an abundant table, family to share the day with. But, honestly, I barely stopped to register any of it. I was so focused on getting dinner on the table and then getting it cleaned up that I forgot to appreciate how very delicious it all was. So focused on the chaos that naturally arises from the presence of five young children that I forgot to be thankful for their health and imaginations. So it is with an imperfect memory that I attempt to recall the good things of our Thanksgiving celebration.

Children enjoying a romp in the park with their daddies and uncles.

The too easy to overlook blessing of enough food.

My children's willingness to try new things at the table.

The big baby smile after he conquered the stairs for the first time...and 50th!

That same baby smile on the swing at the park for the very first time.

Toy cars scattered all over the floor by a car obsessed three-year-old. It's funny how quickly the days of my son, now 10, having his cars everywhere faded from memory.

Honey Cat didn't scratch anyone! This might actually be considered a miracle.

The time we were able to spend as adults after all the children were tucked snugly into bed.

Time for me to get to know my SIL who just moved to the states a little better.

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Imene said...

Your words are so true we often forget to be thankful for the little things in our lives. Thank you for your words


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