Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Earth Day Contribution

We are making a major contribution to Earth Day this year...new air condintioner units! We will be going from two, fifteen year old,  10 SEER units to one 16 SEER and one 15 SEER unit. We are hoping for much increased efficiency and lower bills! As you can see the old ones are a little rough. One of them was making some heart-stopping (this is Texas...it's heart stopping when you have no A/C in August!) noise at the end of last summer. I'm not sure what it means that I'm so excited to be getting new A/C units...could this be a statement about my age, I wonder?


Imene said...

You're just a very practical person. Our A/C is 37 years old..ouch but it will have to do for one more year as we have to build a new retaining wall. Oh I miss rentals!

Marianna said...

Wow! 37 years old! 15-17 years is really pushing it for down here, given how much we use A/C so we are definitely being practical...it runs constantly from about mid-May to mid-October. I've already had it on for several days in the last few weeks when we hit the mid-80's with 70%+ humidity which combined with extremely high levels of allergens made it a necessity. Plus it's not unusual for us to run the A/C in March and November for at least a couple of days. We got lucky this year with what was actually a cold winter so I think the last day we used it was probably late October.


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