Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Trash!

We participated in an annual creek clean-up with my son's Boy Scout pack today. This was our second time to participate and I was happy to see many fewer plastic bags this year. However, the number of styrofoam containers (mostly cups) was overwhelming.

I must admit that this isn't my favorite activity of the year. For one thing, you get dirty. I don't like to get dirty. For another, there is copious amounts of poison ivy. By the grace of God (well, actually if I'm honest it's more by strenuously avoiding any activity that might bring me into contact with it), I've never been infected with this enemy, but know lots of people who have. Enough to know that I really, really, really don't want to ever find out what it feels like! So why do I do it? Because if I accomplish nothing else in this life, I hope to accomplish the task of raising children who become good citizens. I believe that participating in things like this helps towards that goal. It makes them much more aware of their community and it makes them want to help take better care of it.


Thomas at My Porch said...

Well thank you for doing this, and more importantly thank you for trying to raise good citizens. Whenever I see people littering I am always astounded by it. I guess I shouldn't be but I just don't understand where these people come from. More than once I have picked up the litter and handed it back to the offender--making sure ahead of time that I am not putting myself in physical danger.

Valarie said...

It's so great that you got out there and did this. I think the boy scouts in your life should give you a merit badge. :)
Isn't it amazing the amount of garbage one picks up on a day like that? I always feel shocked. So again a big heart felt thank you for making sure the stream stays clean.


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