Monday, April 12, 2010

A Week in the Life-Sunday April 11th

The day started with my husband's alarm going off at 6:30. Much earlier than usual for a Sunday morning! He was on his way to the dive pool to try out his new gear. I managed to sleep a little longer and was up at 8:30 with the plan being to make chocolate chip pancakes for the kids. However, I discovered that they had been sneaking chocolate chips so they lost their pancakes and had to have cereal for breakfast. There was another scout event today so I had to get laundry going so he would have his uniform. Finally, about 10:00 I sat down to read the paper. Reading the Sunday paper is one of my favorite Sunday morning activities.

Before I knew it it was time for lunch...leftover pizza for the kids and two buttered tortillas for myself. Then my son and I were off to The Nature and Science Museum at Fair Park to meet the scout troop for a badge workshop. I grew up in Texas, but have never visited Fair Park--home of the Texas State Fair (hence the ferris wheel in the background below) and Cotton Bowl. It is much different than I imagined. After spending two hours in the workshop we took advantage of our free admission to tour part of the museum then hung out on the grounds for a while.

After a stop at the grocery store on our way home to pick up a deli chicken and some potatoes we headed home to get dinner ready--deli chicken, Giada's smashed potatoes (without the dressing), and broccoli salad also picked up at the deli. After dinner it was bedtime for the kids. We skipped reading because by the time we finished eating it was after 8:00 (husband and daughter were at his soccer game so we had to wait for them). My husband and I sat and talked until time for us to go to bed!

My son entertaining himself while I cooked.

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