Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Week in the Life-Wednesday April 14

Nearly every day starts with my taking time to put away dishes from the night before and sweep the floors. This morning was no different. After completing this daily ritual it was off to school where I stuff Wednesday folders (envelopes full of flyers about upcoming events at school and graded papers) for my daughter's class. Every other Wednesday I volunteer in the school library and today was the day for that. No pictures of these activities as I'm not comfortable using my camera on campus unless it is specifically to photograph my children.

After completing my library shift I took a quick walk through the neighborhood since I didn't have time for the gym. Forgot my camera for this (:

I also forgot to take my camera to capture the blissful afternoon spent in the company of good friends as we enjoyed lunch together! My friend, Catherine, invited myself and one other friend for lunch. She had made homemade pizzas and salad with fruit crisp for dessert. The food was delicious, but the company was even better.

Once a week my 10-year-old son volunteers at our city animal shelter. He plays with the dogs and cats, takes the dogs out, cleans litter boxes etc. Today was this week's day. We all enjoy visiting the kitties and loving on them a little bit. He likes taking the dogs out, but I'll admit I'm not much of a dog person so I usually just visit the cat room.

This little kitty is a real sweetie. I hope she has found a home!

Dinner tonight was tacos...a food that my dh won't eat so the kids and I have them on nights he's not home. He had a dinner conference tonight. This picture is of the kids enjoying their strawberries dipped in sugar dessert.

When I went to select books for our reading time I found this on the couch...

This cat loves to lay on her back with her belly sticking up...especially in the sunshine.

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Susan said...

What a lovely day, and a lovely picture of productve and peaceful domesticity.

I have three cats: a blue bi-color ragdoll (female), a mostly white with a few dark grey patches shorthair (male), and a yellow male that looks just like the one on your family couch!


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