Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Still Around

I know I've been neglecting this space. I usually blog in the evening after the kids are in bed while dh watches TV. He had commitments every night last week which gave me control of the remote and I took the opportunity to watch some of the things I had stored on the DVR. I have every episode of Bill Moyers Journal from January! I finally got through a few of them. Plus the kids and I hit the road to my parents over the weekend while dh stayed home and took a motorcycle safety course with his two brothers. I'm not real keen on the idea of his having a motorcycle I must admit! He also has Mother's Day to make up to me!! But not to worry we are doing something this weekend which will be nicer anyway as places won't be so crowded.

I'll probably be scarce the next few weeks as we are heading into the final four weeks of school. The list of upcoming activities makes my head spin. Two end-of-year award ceremonies, kickball tournament for two grades (which I got suckered into volunteering for today!), two end-of-year parties, puppet show that my son's dyslexia class puts on, school carnival, volunteer luncheon...not to mention the two remaining Brownie meetings and two outings. The girls receive a portion of the money they made selling cookies. Some of it we carry forward to next year to fund our troop, but we are restricted as to the amount. In the future we will use our proceeds to fund summer camp attendance, but for now I feel like my girls are too young (girls, regardless of age, are required to sleep seperate from adults--a policy that I do not think is appropriate for eight year olds!) so they were able to select a special outing and an organization to make a donation to. They chose a bounce place for their outing and the local animal shelter for their donation.

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Redbeet Mama said...

You are such a wonderful Mama being so present in your childrens life.



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