Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dream Vacation

I've always had a picture in the back of my mind of my dream vacation spot, but I've never quite found it. Until now. I'm a fan of Joan Anderson and follow updates from her website. In June of next year she will be hosting a retreat on Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine. This place sounds blissful. No visitors cars. No cell phone reception. It's necessary to take a ferry to reach the island. Nature trails galore. The Atlantic in all it's glory. A lighthouse. Watching boats come into the harbor. This place would do my heart good.


Thomas at My Porch said...

Indeed you must go to Monhegan. It is one of the most wonderful places on earth. I have been there three or four times and it is magical. One year we were there late enough in the season to be there on the first day of school when the handful of island kids made their way off to the one-room school house. Monhegan also has one of the cutest libraries you will ever find.

Two words of advice. 1. Make sure you stay for at least two or three nights. You really want to be able to soak it up. 2. You must go to The Novelty at the back of the Monhegan House and have as many of Sue's Whoopie Pies as you can handle. They are the best in the whole state of Maine. Her oatmeal raisin cookies and pizzas are also worth the trip.


Jen Kershner said...

That sounds ideal! I've only been to the northeast once and I would love to go back.


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