Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Chill in the Air

The last few days have been heavenly. After weeks and weeks of 90's and 100's we had our first little bit of autumnal air. Three days with the windows open is pure bliss as far as I'm concerned. I look out this afternoon to see this cardinal using the waterfall on the pool as a birdbath. I spent a few joyous minutes watching him go through his ablutions.

I was even inspired to do a little fall baking. I made a batch of chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

After about six years I figured out how to use the night function on my camera. I was attempting to capture a picture of the full moon with Venus as a super bright star, but didn't quite get it. I thought this picture was really cool though.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I love how the water sparkles in the cardinal photo. Here in New England the leaves are changing, but the temperatures have been unseasonably warm. I keep waiting for it to *feel* like fall. It sounds like you've enjoyed some lovely autumn days!


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