Friday, November 19, 2010

A Year of Ordinary Days

I have recently discovered published journals and am thoroughly hooked.  My current read is The Extraordinary Year of Ordinary Days by Susan Wittig Albert, a chronicle of the author's life in 2008. Anything with the words "ordinary day/s" in the title catches my attention and I'm so glad I purchased this one while at the Texas Book Festival. Ms. Albert's days are truly ordinary, but within the ordinariness beats the soul of an interesting life. I believe that we all have interesting lives amidst the everyday ordinariness, if we just take the time to notice.

Wittig Albert begins a new journal every year on her birthday (conveniently her birthday is Jan. 2). I was inspired to do the same. My birthday isn't quite so convenient-it was this last week-but I  started a journal to record the everyday, ordinary happenings anyway. As I've said before I've kept journals on and off (more off than on!) for a number of years. I've always struggled to keep up with them and one of the reasons why is because I never felt like I had much to record. The idea of a journal of ordinary days takes the pressure off, I don't need to come up with something interesting to record all the time. I can simply record life as it happens. My suspicion is that rhythms will appear that I'm not aware of, currently unnoticed reasons for gratitude will surface, needed changes will reveal themselves.

Today I thought I would share a bit of what I've recorded so far.

November 12:

Lots of running around this morning. First, a 30-minute workout on the treadmill. Whole Foods for a couple of items-primarily marshmallows for this weekends s'mores. 

The phone rang at 5 something this morning with no one on the other end-at least they didn't talk. Of course this leaves both of us unsettled wondering who it could have been.

November 13:

Here at Lake Murray. We arrived about 10:30. At the moment I'm sitting in front of the fire.

It's beautiful out here. The leaves all seem to be scarlet this year. It's also peaceful here. The fire crackling. An insect chirping. The occassional screen door banging.

November 16:

I desperately need a "do nothing" day. Maybe Friday. Tomorrow I'm in the library (at school) most of the morning. Thursday is holiday feast (at school), A's riding lesson,  pack meeting (cub scouts) and Astronomy Night (at school).

November 19:

I'm finally having my day at home-with a child who is not feeling well.

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Lindsey said...

I love the idea of chronicling ordinary days. Have you read "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" by Katrina Kenison?


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