Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Will Still Give

Give we will, because no child should wake up to a bare tree on Christmas morning. Although, I do wonder if Ann at A Holy Experience doesn't have the right idea. I wonder if her family's tree won't be the most abundant come Christmas morn.

I've been thinking since I posted on the 4th about this whole issue. It's one  I struggle with, obviously. Our blessings are many, my children are very fortunate. I want them to know this. I want to constantly remind myself of this. But how? Many of my hours are spent thinking about poverty-it's causes, it's solutions, what I can do about it. I find it difficult to reconcile my comfortable lifestyle knowing there are people working two, sometimes three jobs, always one step away from ruin, doing the best they can. I find it even more difficult knowing that there are people who have lost their will to support themselves, lost their dignity really.

I anger at the people who say "they could do better if they'd just try." So many are trying, but our current systems don't make it easy. Education, banking, employment-they've all changed drastically in the last 15-20 years. Changes that have been most devestating to our middle and lower-class citizens, our working people, the backbones (literally) of our country.

But how can I, the typical suburban mother and housewife, make a real difference? These are the questions, thoughts, worries out of which my previous post originates. I don't know the answer, but I will continue to wrestle with the question.

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