Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Speck Update

We visited my parents over Presidents Day weekend and were amazed at the progress Speck has made just since Christmas. He gets around pretty well on just his two front feet, but still uses the cart when outside. At Christmas he was playing soccer while in his cart! The best news though, is that he will occassionally stand on his rear legs. He can only take about two steps, but it is definitely progress. He recently had a physical therapy (yes, you read that right) appointment and the therapist was very optimistic for his long-term prognosis. I'm hoping it is sooner, rather than later, that he walks unaided as my mom is about worn out caring for him. He weighs nearly 90 pounds and must be lifted into the cart eight or nine times a day. My dad is gone for weeks at a time so the majority of the duty falls to her.


gardenofsimple said...

oh my goodness! I must have missed the original post, but I'm glad the prognosis looks good! poor guy! And lucky guy!

Susan said...

He's looking really good. I'm so glad that the therapist thinks he will make a fuller recovery. It must be so hard for your mom. Our dog weighs 90lbs, too, and I can imagine how physically taxing it would be to have to lift him in and out of the cart several times a day.


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