Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Have the Last 36 Days Gone?

It seems hard to believe that I last posted here over a month ago. I think it's the longest I've gone between posts. Time has a way of passing without our noticing. Nothing major has happened, unless you count my son going off on his first camping trip as a Boy Scout. It was only for two nights and he was only 25 minutes away so I didn't feel as bereft as I will come July when he's gone a whole week and three and half hours away!
Other distractions have been reading, of course. I read an amazing memoir by Annia Ciezaldo about the time she spent living in Iraq and Lebanon during war. She humanizes the people of both countries primarily through descriptions of their food. Just one of several books I've finished this past month. I made a conscious decision to spend more of my free time offline. That is one of the biggest reasons I've been absent from her. The time I do spend online I spend on tumblr. It's slightly addictive.

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