Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Merry Month of May

Is nearly past. And, as is typical with the ending of the school year, it has been a busy month. When I looked at my calendar for this week I was both shocked and pleased to see it nearly empty. Truly a blessing. Next week is a little crazy with end-of-year parties and awards ceremonies and closing flag ceremony that my son's scout troop is leading. Then it's officially summer break time--eleven whole weeks of fun to be had! Last week I had my hair colored again...dark highlights to make me look salt and pepper gray. The all over gray washed me out too much. I've been working out frequently and feel so good. Back in late February I joined 24-Hour Fi**ess and started taking a variety of classes. My favorite class combines step aerobics with strength training. Next favorite is Thursday yoga. They offer three yoga sessions with three different teachers. It's interesting to me how different each teacher is. Other May adventures include chaperoning on a field trip. This is not one of my favorite activities. I usually go on all of my kid's field trips, but I don't go as an official chaperone. Not crazy about being responsible for other people's children while in a wide-open public space. And I find riding a school bus with 40+ wound up grade schoolers trying. We've been through two rounds of severe weather with hail and high winds, including last night. The picture above is of the sky at dusk with a beautiful rainbow. My Brownie leader duties are almost at an end. I'm sad that my daughter opted not to continue with scouts, but happy that I won't be leading a troop next year. Our weather has been very mild this spring. Just last week there was one day when pants and a sweathshirt were needed: for Texas highly unusual this late in the season. We've usually made it well into the 90's by now. My prayer is that this is a harbinger of a mild summer. The wildflowers were beautiful this spring. Abundant and such glorious colors.

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