Thursday, August 25, 2011

Honey, the Cat

This is Honey. She loves to lay on her back.. And yes, she likes her belly rubbed, but only if I'm doing it. She weighs about 20 lbs. No she doesn't eat table food. It's cat food only for her. She loves people. She has some odd quirks (besides laying like a dog!), I mean, really, cats curl up, sometimes stretch out, but never on their backs. She moans when petted, which is really hard to describe. She plays in the toilet first thing every morning and only in the morning. She's very happy and purrs loudly to let us know it when we all get up early in the morning. She will let me mess with her paws for hours. She recently discovered the hermit crab and is at this very moment sitting staring at his cage. Her nose is covered in black speckles and the tip of her tail is white. She honestly has more presonality than any cat I've ever had and we lover her bunches.

Here is the first post I ever did on Honey.

This post was inspried by Dawn's post about her family's new kittens.

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