Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday: In Real Life...

In Real Life...

I'm struggling with this one. I keep thinking in real life I am, but then I hit a roadblock. What am I exactly? And is that the only way to complete this sentence. In real life I am a thinker. My house isn't always that clean. I enjoy my friends. I'm nosy. In fact, I'm trying to figure out what the group of people is doing that just pulled up out front in a bright yellow truck loaded down with lawn equipment. They are hovering around an SUV that's been parked oddly all afternoon. Hope it's one of theirs...In real life I struggle to make sense of life. In real life I try to be kind but don't always succeed. O.K. the guys are driving away. Think they had an issue with some of their equipment. In real life I want what's best for my kids. In real life I'm scared to try new things. The thought of walking into Noontime Pageturners Book group at the library scares the wits out of me. Is this normal?

Today's Five Minute Friday Writing Prompt from Gypsy Mama

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Susan @ Home Hum said...

You and I are a lot alike!

A friend once called me "nosy", which I thought was rather mean of her, because, of course, I'm *not* nosy... I'm "curious" or "interested" ;-) --and those are lovely things to be :-)


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