Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday-Rest

Today's topic at Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday is Rest.

Rest. Nobody ever seems to have enough of it. How often do you hear friends say "sorry I haven't called. I've just been so busy." I realized a few years ago that I was using that as an excuse and I quite saying it. I also realized that often people claim to be exhausted and too busy as something of a badge of honor. I decided that wasn't a badge I wanted to be wearing. Now I do my best to get enough rest. But I must admit to being a night owl who likes to stay up reading so I probably don't really get enough rest since I'm also a mom who must get kids out the door and to school five days a week. Another admission: I nap almost every afternoon! Little cat naps sitting in my chair, usually with a cat in my lap. It's amazing how refreshing 10 or 20 minutes can be. I can't go much beyond that though or I feel worse instead of better. Rest is something I'm afraid our kids aren't always getting enough of either. I'm always amazed at the number of little (5 and under) kids out with their parents at the grocery store or wherever after 9pm. Don't those parents realize how very vital good sleep is to those little growing bodies and brains?

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Kim said...

If given a chance, I catnap too...often on my lunch hour! Love that cell phones have alarms. I agree that our children need more time to rest. (I have been known to "ground" my children just so they can have a day to rest.)


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