Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?

A cool breeze blowing through the house. Cornflower blue skies. A happy 2-year old boy digging in the backyard dirt. Yet to be born little one kicking away. Just out of the shower, ready to start the day. The phone ringing. My husband saying only, "Turn on the TV." And then, horror. It must be an accident. But how? How could something so tragic happen with today's technology? Then a second hit and the answer becomes all too evident and the question changes frow how to why. Phone ringing again, my mother this time commanding that we stay home, as if pulling away from the images before me would be possible. Tears, so many tears. Tears for those lost. Tears for what this means for my family, my Muslim family. Tears for the world I'm bringing an unborn child into. Prayers, for the salavation of souls, for the safety of my children, for our country. Ending the day asking that God be with us.

Alan Jackson:  Where Were You?

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Susan @ Home Hum said...

It was a perfect, sunny September day. The sky was brilliant azure dotted with white puffy clouds. A road crew was planting new trees on our street. My children and I were inside homeschooling, when I received several phone calls in a row from family and friends, all asking, "Where's Paul?!". My husband's work requires almost constant travel. He flies in and out of Logan nearly every week. But, that day, thankfully, he was at home. Watching the news was surreal. I can't believe it's been ten years. It truly seems like yesterday.

Thank you for this post, Marianna. I have often thought about how hard it has been for Muslim families since 9/11. I hope that your family was spared the unkindness and distrust that so many Muslims experienced.

Peace to you, my friend, and God bless us all.


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