Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven More

Once again joining in at Coversion Diary.

1) I had a blast at the Texas Book Festival last weekend. I sat in on sessions with Kate DiCamillo and Rebecca Stead, Nancy Tillman and Heather Vogel Frederick, Eileen Christelow, Marla Frazee, and Paul Zelinsky, and Emily Jenkins with Paul Zelinsky for Toys Come Home.

2) My favorite session by far was Kate DiCamillo and Rebecca Stead. In my book Kate DiCamillo is a rock star. I LOVE her books The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane and The Magician's Elephant. Both books are riven through with the themes of faith and hope. I had not heard of or read anything by Stead before, but was compelled to buy both of her books. Connection is a hard thing to find and I felt a strong connection with her. One thing she said that has stayed with me is about the fact that as a child she realized it was impossible to really know other people's stories. I can remember having the same feelings, in fact still do today. This idea is what inspired her to write. 

3) I stayed with my brother and his wife while in Austin. They have a new puppy Jazz. Yes, she is actually a puppy (about 10 months old)...a great dane/lab mix. Sweet, sweet dog, though a little excitable at times!

4) Tonight is the fall festival at school. Fourth grade AIM (our district's gifted/talented program) students will be revealing there miniature golf course made entirely of recycleables. My daughter is very excited to show off her handiwork.

5) Today was a glorious fall day. Mid-60's and sunny.

6) We are hosting Thanksgiving for my husband's family. Something I both dread and look forward to. Love seeing and hosting family, but I know how exhausting it is to do all that cooking!

7) Currently reading Priscilla Warner's book Learning to Breathe. Good so far.


Susan @ Home Hum said...

The Texas Book Festival sounds like it was a wonderful event. I've never been to a book festival before. I love Kate DiCamillo's books, too. I don't think that I've ever read any of Rebecca Stead's, but I'm going to look her up.

That is one beautiful pup!

Hope you and your family have lots of fun tonight at the fall festival. The AIM project sounds really cool :-)

I know what you mean about both dreading and looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving for your husband's family. No matter how tiring, I bet it will be wonderful through and through, and you and your children will be blessed with happy memories.

Kelli said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Yes, I'm really excited about my Victoria feature, thank you! I wish they would have shared my website address, but that is ok. :0)

I'm also hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I know what you mean about it being fun, but a lot of work, too!



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