Friday, October 7, 2011


Susan at Home Hum posted a Seven Quick Takes Friday post last week that I really enjoyed reading. It seemed like a good idea to join in! Here goes:

One--I'm still puzzling over the conversation I had with another mom yesterday about sending our 12-year old children on a chaperoned school bus to a UIL Science competition. Really the whole thing puzzled me, but most especially her reaction to my obviously wrong response to her question about if I was going to let my son ride the bus. He is.

Two--My daughter's soccer team lost their game last Saturday 11-1. It was a brutal and frustrating loss for a number of reasons...other team mates not even trying, the fact that one of her teachers coaches the other team and the majority of the players go to her school. I'm hopeful that this Saturday's game is less demoralizing for her.

Three--Today I'm accompanying my son on his 6th grade field trip. They are visiting a leadership development facility through group challenges and physical challenges. I would much prefer to spend the day at home alone, reading, but this is probably the last field trip I will be asked to accompany him on so I'm going.

Four--I walked with a friend on Wednesday and I'm still sore! From a walk! I do yoga once a week and 45-60 minutes on the eliptical 3-4 times a week and a little walk did me in! I obviously need to step up my work out....or just walk that same path every day! Hmm, that would actually be cheaper....there's something to think about. If I dropped the gym membership I could join the yoga studio that I want to join and walk for cardio.

Five--Back in July I broke the little toe on my right foot. I've finally decided it isn't going to heal.

Six--The animal shelter had a pot belly pig up for adoption today. Wonder what the story is on that. They had a bunny too. He was free to a good home.

Seven--I'm participating in a facilitated book study for the first time and am really enjoying it.

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