Friday, December 30, 2011

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

The light today has been divine. It's clear, sunny and nearly 70 degrees, which I suppose isn't very wintery, but it has made for a pleasant day. My children and I enjoyed the morning at the Dallas World Aquarium visiting many tropical birds, fish and animals.

As 2011 passes in to 2012 I wanted to take a moment to say how very grateful I am for my home, health and family. I also take some time today to look forward to 2012. Designating a word for the year has been very popular in blogdom. I've always struggled to come up with one word to work with and have inform my entire year so I've never really participated. And I'm not going to this year either. Grace holds power for me right now. I want to better understand the meaning of grace. I want to better exemplify grace in my life. This is something I plan to spend working on this year.

Health is another word that holds power for me presently. This past year we discovered that both of my children have high cholesterol. Hypercholesterolemia runs in my husband's family. While we do not eat horribly, neither do we eat for optimum health. The last thing I want is for my children to end up on cholesterol medication in their 20's so my plan for this year is to focus on improving our overall eating habits by incorporating more whole grains and vegetables. If I could just figure out how to get my kids to eat vegetables!!

My final goal for this year is to grow my yoga practice. I would love to experience Yoga Nidra at least once and I plan to continue with my three times a week practice, hopefully getting to the point where I feel comfortable practicing regularly at home.

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Susan @ Home Hum said...

What gorgeous photos! The Dallas World Aquarium looks like a place of many wonders, and a great spot to spend the last day of school vacation.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the new year. My own thoughts are similar. I plan to make 2012 the year that my family makes the switch to whole foods, with lots more whole grains, fruits, and veggies. I also plan on adding more exercise into my daily routine.

I love this season of renewal and focus on change and growth.

May Grace bless all of your new year intentions.


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