Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Recap

This week marked the beginning of my daughter's volunteering at the animal shelter. She was very excited to finally be able to stay and work after nearly three years of watching her brother get that privilege.It's been a big week for her as soccer practice got under way and her basketball team made the playoffs and won both of their first two games. They now advance to round two, and if they win that game they go on to the championship game. Tonight she is hosting her first sleep over.

My son also had a big week. On Saturday he placed 5th out of about 100 6th graders in a science UIL competition. He had the highest score on his team! His team placed 2nd. Tomorrow they have a district qualifier and in three weeks state qualifications! He's really hoping to be able to go to the state meet.

Today he had an information session regarding middle school registration. Next week he registers!

We also had two days of near summer like (high70s-low 80s) weather here and all the trees are now budding! They only dropped their leaves in late December/early January.

If you look closely you can see two cat paws poking out of the railing. She was soaking up the sun in dog fashion--on her back, belly in the air.

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Susan said...

So many good things happening in your family! Congratulations to your daughter on her basketball wins, and to your son on his science competition.

I hope your daughter's sleepover goes well tonight.

There are signs of an early spring everywhere this year. How I long for the return of warm temps.


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