Sunday, March 25, 2012

Late March Update

Last week was spring break. The kids and I took the opportunity to visit my parents. Below is a picture of Speck standing on his own! He's doing pretty well. He has an odd gait and has trouble standing at times, but overall he is doing very well. 

While visiting we took a trip to the Abilene Zoo. I love this picture of the lion. Right after I took it the female came up and nuzzled him. It was the sweetest thing ever. I love lions for their majesty.

With spring break past the school year begins to wind down. The next couple of weeks are, unfortunately, taken up with standardized testing. Neither of my kids are thrilled with this! Then we quickly move into field day, 6th grade graduation, kickball tournament, final band concert etc...It's always such a busy time of year.

I continue to wear my fracture shoe, though my toe is finally feeling better! I return to the doctor this Thursday and hope the x-rays reveal healing. I'm anxious to get back to yoga!

Yesterday was soccer day. Unfortunately, L's team lost....again....and I got a horrible sunburn. What's weird is that my joints ached this morning in my arms, which took the brunt of the burn. I've never had that happen before. As for the losing. Just let me say that it is frustrating to watch your child's team lose again and again and again while knowing that they are capable of more...

I've been reading Sacred Compass The Way of Spiritual Discernment by J. Brent Bill and using the corresponding participant's guide. One of the first questions asked was what authors/books have been helpful in your personal spiritual journey. In answering the question is was compelled to dig up the notes I've taken from several books, including Sue Monk Kidd's When the Heart Waits, Firstlight and Traveling with Pomegranates.  There is something about her spirituality that resonates deeply with me. Kathleen Norris is another author that I would consider a guide, especially her book The Cloister Walk. Then there is Wendy M. Wright and Seasons of a Family's Life whose look at a contemplative in the thick of family life is unique.

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