Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

 Bison in a meadow on the road to Grand Canyon National Park.

 The Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam

The Venetian, Las Vegas

To celebrate my son's 13th birthday we visited the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam with a night in Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. I was nervous about visiting such a popular destination at the height of vacation season, but it was surprisingly uncrowded on  the North Rim. We flew into Vegas and then drove through some pretty desolate country to get there. It was amazing going from the desert to the forest over the course of six hours. Observing the changing topography was a real experience. We left our hotel on Monday morning about 7:30, the temperature was 52. By the time we got to Hoover Dam at 1:00 it was 118! Talk about a shock to the system. I must admit I wasn't as impressed with Hoover Dam as I expected to be. Probably because I could only stand to look at it for about two minutes since I was baking in the sun! We spent Monday night in Vegas before our flight out on Tuesday morning. Vegas isn't someplace I've ever desired to visit and honestly isn't someplace that I plan on returning least not the strip. However, I would gladly spend another night in the suite we had at The Venetian!

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