Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I wrote this for my tumblr. Maybe it's a mid-life thing, but I've really felt the need lately to try to define myself some way. I'm so much more than the suburban soccer mom I appear to be which is what led me to write this out.

I am a 40-something, mini-van driving, suburban wife and mother. I suppose some would call me a soccer mom. Born and bred Texan who spent 3 looong years in the Northeast and 7 more in the Midwest. Now I'm home. I love to read. My favorite subjects are religion, art, cooking, decorating. Don't read a lot of fiction since I have a tendency to want to finish in one sitting which doesn't work too well with kids in the house. I love music. When I want to keep it real it's Red Dirt favorites like Cross Canadian Ragweed, No Justice and Jason Boland. When I'm in the mood for laid back it's Carrie Newcomer, Allison Krauss or anything composed by Rachel Portman. I love chocolate, could care less about jewelry, take a walk every day, swim with my kids every afternoon, am thinking about going to grad school, love cats, not too fond of dogs in general, would much rather be driving a Mercedes E550 (hey, a girl can dream can't she!), a huge proponent of reusable shopping bags, grudgingly volunteer at school (not too fond of the whole over-involved mom scene), dream of being artistic. I'm a truck driver's daughter and a doctor's wife which I always say sums me up pretty well. A little West Texas redneck with big city Dallas sophistication. My favorite flower is the sunflower.


Yet another old post. This one from 2009. I no longer drive a mini van (don't drive a Mercedes E class either!), just a good solid car. Cross Canadian Ragweed has become The Departed and No Justice just announced that they are dissolving. I've since added runner to this list. I don't volunteer much at school anymore. I also don't walk every day, but I do work out everyday either running or lifting weights. I do walk on my "rest" day. I still love walking.

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