Monday, October 28, 2013


So I've been giving some thought to the reasons behind my writer's block here. I've also been reading Writing Yoga by Bruce Black. He talks a great deal about fear. I've known for a while now that fear was my primary problem. Specifically, the fear of revealing too much of myself. I also struggle with not living the life I really want to be living and somehow blogging the one I am living brings my desires into sharper focus with my reality. I plan to continue thinking on this issue and will hopefully post more.


Another old post, this one from 2011. Still struggling with the same.

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Susan said...

I struggle with this, too. It is hard for me to think of what to post--honestly, I don't even know why I keep a blog. I guess I am seeking connection, but the paradox is that I am a very private person and I am afraid of revealing too much about myself and of invading my loved ones' privacy.

The internet, as a device, makes me feel discontent with my life--all of the different pictures and ideas and lifestyle choices. If I didn't see these other options, didn't have them in my head, would I be happier with my own humble, imperfect life? I don't know.

I read something the other day that really got me thinking. It was a spiritual piece by a French priest who died in the early 20th century. I might post it tomorrow on my blog (but, of course, I am afraid, so I might not). It begins with "We shall reflect on our habitual voluntary sins" and includes this bit "Sins of sensuality include all that is related to sloth, negligence, gluttony, excessive affection, uncontrolled imagination, *random reading*, daydreams, weakness of will, discouragement, jealousy and envy, the omission of the good we should do, resistance to grace, fear of goodness." Random reading jumped out at me--isn't that what I do on the internet? I have learned a lot online, but has it drawn me closer to God, closer to Truth, closet to the Life I want to lead? I just don't know.


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