Friday, October 11, 2013

Week In Review

Soccer Practice

Riding Lessons

A beautiful fall sunset at the stables.

Talking to JD (the horse).

 Birds, all in a row. I loved how they were lined up, perfectly spaced.

Glow in the dark dodge ball.

Harness check for the ropes course.
We've had a lovely fall week here. Cooler weather and nice breezes. Today I chaperoned my daughter's class on a field trip to a team building place that features a ropes course. One of the most fun activities is glow in the dark dodge ball. The kids absolutely love being able to chuck balls at each other in the dark. The second most popular thing is the zip line. The last picture I will leave you with is of my 19 year old kitty, Laika.

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Susan said...

What a wonderful week you all had! Glow in the dark dodgeball sounds like a lot of fun--I bet my kids would love it. My daughter Emmeline used to take riding lessons, too, and it was a pleasure for me to be at the stables,especially in autumn--so pretty and peaceful.

Your cat is beautiful--nineteen years is a testimony to the good care she has received from you.♥


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