Saturday, November 30, 2013

Capturing Blessings III

Wrapping up November and Capturing Blessings with Four Simply Living

.Day 17: Makes Me Smile. I chuckled when I spotted this Angry Bird pumpkin while on my morning walk.

Day 18: Blessing. It is a blessing that she is still with us after 19 years.
Day 19: Brown. The color of an impending winter.

Day 20: Quote
falling leaves
hide the path
so quietly.
John Bailey
sourced here

Day 21: A Sign. Whole Foods all ready for Christmas.
Day 22: An Ordinary Moment. My reading chair, surrounded by stacks of reading material.
 Day 23: Sunrise. Maybe a little after sunrise...I'm not a morning person.

Day 24: Texture. I loved the texture of this piece of bark with lichen growing on it against the fallen leaves.
Day 25: From a Distance. I spotted this bird while walking one morning. I have no idea what it is, but it was very large and I've never seen one on this pond before. I think he may have been a migrating water bird of some sort.
 Day 26: On the Road Again.
 Day 28: Thanksgiving. Our table set and ready..
Day 29: Reflection. If you look carefully the rider is reflected in the mirror. That is my son.
Day 30: Good Evening. Tonight's sunset.

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Nicole Pivec said...

I think your water bird is a great blue heron, Marianna! :)


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