Friday, December 13, 2013

The Tree

Farewell dear tree. We will miss you.
However, we are glad to have you off the roof.

It's amazing how much light is now present in my kitchen and breakfast area. I love the light, but I will very much miss the tree. The thing I will miss the most is the bluebird family that lived in this tree.

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julochka said...

we recently lost a beautiful tree as well, tho' it's down by our lake and didn't land on anything important. i do miss it tho', very much and i welled up a bit when i saw that the storm had taken it. it was a grand old thing.

and now, about those twiggy need to cut some of the sticks so they're a V-shape - two of those form your legs, then you take a hot glue gun and stick a body stick into the Vs. If you leave a bit of a "neck" on one V (more of a Y), you have the neck of your reindeer, then, you can either find the perfect stick that is both antlers and head or you can glue on an extra little piece for the head. Then, decorate as you wish - we could have used many more bows and things, but we limited our amount of supplies at the event at the library. Each one has its own personality! I'm not sure they're a lasting thing tho', so you may have to make new ones every year.

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