Friday, January 17, 2014

Of Calendars, Magazines and Kids Growing Up Too Fast

1.  I found a new calendar app this week. It's the iCalendar.  This has made me much happier than it probably should have, but the app I was previously using was constantly asking me to login to my gmail account (which I don't even have!) and it was annoying.

2.  First item entered into the new calendar is the upcoming parent information meeting for the class of 2018. It's really hitting home that my oldest will be graduating from high school in four years. Where has the time gone?

3.  Second item entered was coffee with a friend. Where I'm sure I'll lament the fact that my oldest is graduating in four years!

4.  I read an interesting post from Jeff Goins this week entitled "Five Weak Words That Make Your Writing Less Effective". Now I'm on alert for these words in my writing.

5.  I spent the better part of yesterday going through my towering magazine stack. I'm fairly addicted to magazines and have a tendency to accumulate far too many of them. This is the stack that I still have left:

See, told you...I have a problem. Hello, my name is Marianna and I'm a magazine addict. So I'm off to read some more of these. At least I'll have a warm lap since she is waiting for me to come sit down.

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Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

#4, i need to look into it right away to learn more ... i really do try to work on my skills. one can always learn. i am so open to new knowledge & perfecting myself to the best i can be. ( :

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

You have reminded me that I should get to my magazine tower this weekend. My are passed to me from my mother, and before I know it she will pass along more. Beautiful cat!

Nancy Claeys said...

Thank you for the link to Jeff Goins, to which I subscribed. I believe I will benefit from these writing tips. :)

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i use to collected magazines but i got over that when i had a disagreement with Food Network & their dismissal of Paula Dean. i got rid of my subscription & recycled them all. that was simple. & i have been saving my other money. i have too many cookbooks any way. a few are wedding gifts & i need to use them up. gives me an idea of what to try for dinner tonight!! have a great weekend. ( :

Redbeet Mama said...

Sounds like a fine afternoon…..hope you enjoyed.

pattisjarrett said...

With such a fluffy lap warmer, how can you resist? I don't have a towering stack of magazines, I've started getting digital versions--and the others are spread around the house. I'll have to check the writing link, too, always room for improvement. Thanks for sharing it.


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