Monday, January 20, 2014

Our Weekend

We took advantage of an activity free weekend and visited the Perot Museum. I bought a membership after the kids and I visited for the first time over the summer. It has proven to be a good investment, especially the morning member-only hours. We were there by 9:15 and out by 11:00 when it starts getting too crowded. From there we headed to lunch at Smashburger, and threw in a stop at the Hotel Crescent Court in hopes of seeing some super cars for the 14 year old boy. Unfortunately, there weren't any spectacular cars on this day. Just your standard run of the mill Jaguars, Range Rovers and BMW's. Hey, this is Dallas where seeing an Aston or Ferrari is not out of the question. For perspective, there was a Bentley in the restaurant's parking lot. All in all it made for a pleasant family outing.


My son enjoys the robotics programming area and my daughter likes the gems hall. In this picture she is working a digital puzzle.

This picture is of the giraffe model advertising the Inside Out Exhibit they currently have running.

The Hotel Crescent Court.

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Happyone said...

Nice day out.

I walk a mile in 15 minutes but with stopping to talk to people and taking pictures I'm usually gone about 1 hour and 40 - 45 minutes.
That's one reason I like to go early, it takes quite a chunk of time. I figure if I didn't walk I'd probably just sleep longer in the morning.


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