Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Favorites for This Week

I recently discovered Wisteria & Sunshine, a subscription blog, and am in love. It reminds me of Daphne's Diary (another recent find). The tagline at Wisteria is wild simplicity, deep domesticity. Yes, I say.

Another recent find is Seamless.  I'm swooning over her photography. I love photography that captures the everyday as the poetry it is.

Something that I'm very much enjoying this week is Heather's Hibernate workshop.

I'm also thrilled to let you know that Katrina Kenison's book Magical Journey has been released in paperback. Kenison is a lyrical writer who perfectly captures the feelings of so many women.

Finally, check out author Katherine Valentine's website to sign up to receive her mailings of High Meadows. Ms. Valentine's writing reminds me of Jan Karon. Sweet, gentle stories about good people.
And because she's cute...Honey.

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Susan said...

What a wonderful post full of good clicks. : )


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