Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Read-a-Thon

Exactly what I need.  Lately I need a push to finish books. My mind is just so scattered all the time, and I've been having a hard time settling down to read. I blame easy access to the internet via the iPad. I'll be reading and think of something I want to look up, hear the e-mail bing, start wondering what so and so said on Facebook. You get the idea. Of course, I am in control of whether to pick it up or not. That is one of the things I'm focusing on this season...being more intentional with my time, especially computer time. Hopefully, this read-a-thon will help me further in that goal. If you are interested in joining visit Seasons of Reading.


Happyone said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I flit from one thing to another.

Susan said...

I am battling distraction, too--especially from the internet.

I love your new banner image!


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