Monday, February 3, 2014

January Challenge Update

So my January challenge was to practice yoga everyday. I only managed about half the days. However, it was still beneficial. In order to practice more days I had to alter my exercise routine, giving up BodyPump. That name has always sounded so odd to me, but I digress.What I realized was that pumping iron was actually causing some issues with my joints and increasing my overall fatigue, both of which were affecting my running. I love running so I was bummed that it was seemingly causing me so much pain. Turns out it wasn't the running causing the problems after all. Replacing Pump with yoga turned out to be just what I needed to get my running back on track. I'm so excited about this that I plan to keep up the new routine of yoga three-four times a week instead of going back to my old schedule, which was my original plan. All in all a success even if I didn't stick to my original challenge exactly.

By the way, I'm being very brave and sharing a picture of me running.


Happyone said...

We are all different and have to find what works best for us. The main thing it that we do something. : )
I've tried running but just didn't like it.

Nicole Pivec said...

You look great in your photo; and so happy! I was in the best shape ever when I ran and did yoga for 18 months. I'm taking a break from my running this winter, but still tracking with yoga. I think yoga and running is a great combination!


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