Monday, February 3, 2014

Magical Journey

Last night while looking at a stack of favorite books I was inspired to share quotes from some of those books here with you all. I decided to start with Katrina Kenison's Magical Journey because it was recently released in paperback. I've talked of my love for Katrina's books before, here and here. She speaks to me on so many levels. First, and foremost, as a mother. Then as a deep, introverted thinker who is constantly trying to function in this extroverted world. And I'll be honest I envy her yoga practice, and the fact that she was able to attend teacher training at Kripalu, which is a secret dream of mine. Here is why she inspires me so:

"Now I suspect I didn't know who I was, so much as where I needed to be at any given moment and what I needed to be doing..."  Katrina is speaking from the perspective of having recently become an empty nester. I'm still in the thick of raising kids and very much feel like I'm often focused solely on who needs to be where next.

"...the most significant journeys are often inner ones, those that lead not to distant realms but to the discovery of something important and deep within ourselves."

"How willingly we sacrifice the days of our lives to trivial distractions-silly computer games, unnecessary errands, useless worry. We get caught up in our petty concerns and miss the beauty unfolding right in front of us; rushing headlong into the next thing, we fail to appreciate the blessing of the only thing we can really claim as ours to own, the present moment. "

"Growth begins in silence, evolution with a heartbeat, journeys from where we are: standing on one place and daring to imagine a new horizon."

"Home was also the invisible, inviolable place deep within me, a still point to which I could always return, simply by bringing myself back to the present moment, quieting my busy mind, and coming to rest on the wave of my own breath."

"...real, lasting growth occurs slowly, over time, not overnight."

"For it is in recognizing and embracing our connections with one another that we're reminded, again and again, that we are all vulnerable, that we all struggle, that we all stumble-and that, to be fully alive is to keep on loving and forgiving and connecting anyway."

I could keep going, but I'm sure you get the idea. I also wanted to leave a few gems for you to discover on your own!

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