Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crafting Goodness

Amanda at Sweet Potato Claire hosted a craft swap last month. I was so excited to join in. I don't often join these because I'm really not a very "crafty" person--I don't knit or sew or quilt etc., but for this one she specifically asked for utilitarian or edible items. Edible...that I can do! I was so excited to send my goodies off that I forgot to take a picture!! Anyway, I sent granola, candied pecans, hot chocolate milk bath, some very simple stamped cards and a little treat for my swappers kiddos.

The picture above shows the lovely gifts I received from Kerrie at Wild Mae!! I've been coveting a crocheted storage basket. Making this one even more perfect is that sweet sunflower (my favorite flower!) I've already put it to work holding my running and walking journals and a calendar. Needless to say, the fabric covered journal will definitely be put to good use around here. And I'm thinking the paper straws will make a cute wreath. Thank you Kerrie!

I'm hoping Amanda will host another one of these little swaps. Coming up with ideas for my match was fun and waiting in anticipation of what surprises would come in the mail was even more fun.


Sharon Wagner said...


amanda said...

oh hooray! I was just peeking around at everyone's blogs in an effort to make sure everyone's packages have been received (or at least are on the way)- so glad to see you received this lovely box from Kerrie! thanks for participating, Marianna. I will likely host another in the summer, so keep an eye out!

Kerrie said...

I'm so glad you've found a use for your basket! I had so much putting together your package. And it sounds like your partner got some mouth-watering gifts! xoxo


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