Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Have...

A couple of weeks ago there was an obituary in the paper that was at least partially written by the deceased, including a lists of things she had done in her life. This lady was quite accomplished and well known, but these lists are mostly made up of the small, ordinary things that we all experience every day. I didn't know Dr. Brandt, I hope she wouldn't take umbrage with my being inspired to create my own lists.

I Have Wanted:
--time alone, lots of it, possibly too much
--to be home
--to be a better photographer
--to be an architect
--to travel to Maine

I Have Known:
--the joy at the birth of a child, twice
--that prayers will be answered
--much love
--pain and joy
--the beauty of a glorious Northeastern fall
--the glory at watching the sun rise while running in the humid air of a Texas morning

I Have Taken:
--people for granted
--a steam train
--lots of exercise classes
--a trip to North Africa

I Have Feared:
--while driving
--going back to school/work
--standing up for myself
--traveling alone
--looking stupid

I Have Done:
--enough and not enough
--the dishes
--lots of reading
--things I feared
--the laundry. Again and again and again.

I Have Thought:
--What were/are they thinking?
--What's for dinner tonight? More times than I care to count.
--Most people are basically good and kind.
--Our education system misses the forest for the trees.
--Very few issues are black/white. There is always lots of gray.
--When can I go home?

I Have Loved:
--two wonderful children and their father
--Morris, Laika, Maya, Honey
--the mountains
--doing puzzles with my daughter
--reading to my children

I Have Been:
--A wife
--A mother
--Me, though not often enough.


Happyone said...

That is quite a list.
It makes me stop and think.

Nicole@GolightlyPlace said...

A wonderful list! And I loved the last one the most! Thanks for sharing; I don't think she'd mind at all.

Susan said...

Your lists really connected with me--what a meaningful exercise. I really appreciate you sharing this.


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