Thursday, April 3, 2014

Four Seasons :: 30 Days-Spring Day 11 and A Kitchen Blog Hop

Heather at Beauty That Moves is hosting a kitchen blog hop today. This truly is the heart of our home, where so much living takes place. Homework and projects at the table, not to mention family dinners every night. Kids standing at the sink washing dishes and chattering away about who did what, said what at school or what the latest tech gadget is, including a full rundown of it's features; depending on which child is washing.

Where all the magic happens.

My daughter likes to bake, making muffins or scones or bread for her and her brother's breakfast.

Supplies for my morning grapefruit habit.
Fresh homemade Honey Walnut Granola
Towels and napkins ready to be put away.
Where we eat together every night. Every night we say a blessing, then go around saying either what we are thankful for,
or naming something nice we have done for someone and something nice that was done for us.
Dinner prep.
Daughter hard at work, baking.
There is a crystal mobile that hangs over the breakfast table. It was reflecting on the refrigerator, a nice gift in the midst of a task I'm not particularly fond of. Posted on the side is a cartoon, cut from the paper, that reads, "Love their fingerprints off the fridge." I try to remember to look at every time I wipe all the fingerprints off.
Because these pictures so fully capture the light, and our life for spring I'm including this as Day 11 of the Four Seasons :: 30 Days Challenge that Peggy is hosting.


Tracey said...

You have a beautiful kitchen and I love your grapefruit habit, it's a good habit to have.

debby emadian said...

I love this I love kitchens and yours looks lovely. ( I know too many "loves". That grenola looks amazing.
Thanks for sharing.

eeoc said...

It really is the heart of the home, isn't it? I'm with your daughter--life's just not as good w/o a kitchen aid mixer for baking!

Happyone said...

You have a beautiful kitchen and sounds like a happy place too. : )

Ock Du Spock said...

Wow look at your beautiful Kitchen (and I have kitchenaid envy :)!

freckledsunshine said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the heart of your home.

the simple woman said...

Love your kitchen and all that beautiful light! I lost my 2 windows in my kitchen when we added rooms to the house :-( so I enjoy seeing pics like these.

Natacha said...

Hi Marianna,
Your granola looks so good! I have a recipe somewhere. The kids loved it.
Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of your kitchen.
Have a wonderful Sunday,
Natacha (blogging from Luxembourg)

Elizabeth Quigley said...

Hi Marianna,
Your kitchen is beautiful. I am so happy you visited me.
I love this kitchen hop.


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