Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Alphabet of Now

Lindsey at A Design So Vast does these alphabet of now posts every so often. I love the idea and decided to borrow it.

A--Amin, my dear son. I see you growing into a wonderful young man every single day.

B--Books. I have far too many stacked up waiting to be read.

C--Club sports. I'm wondering what the point is.

D--Driving. I'm finding that I like doing it less and less. I used to love to drive. There is just so much more congestion everywhere these days that I find it frustrating to drive.

E--Elementary school years have officially come to a close for our family. It's bittersweet.

F--Fitbit. I have a new friend and she's walking more steps than I am. The perfect motivation to get me moving more!

G--Graduation. My daughter's 6th grade graduation is tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see her spiffed up. She isn't a dress up kind of girl.

H--High school. I will have a child in high school next year. How is that possible?

I--Index-Card-a-Day. Daisy Yellow is doing this wonderful project. I do not know why I find it so much easier to create on a little index card than I do a bound book.

J--Journaling. I've been keeping a small daily record for about a year now. Only recently have I realized how useful it is.

K--Kite flying. Not sure why this is the phrase that kept coming to me.

L--London. My husband and I will be there very soon!!

M--Mornings. Get to sleep in a little now that schools out!

N--Now. Always trying to figure out how to appreciate the current moment.

O--Overwhelm. I'm proud of myself for saying no to some activities in these last weeks of school, which kept me from being overwhelmed as I get us ready for the upcoming trip.

P--Pinterest. The biggest time waster ever invented!

Q--Quiet. I find myself craving it more and more these days.

R--Reading. The most recent book I finished was Home Sweet Anywhere. A fascinating story of a couple who sold most of their belongings and have spent the past few years traveling, mostly abroad.

S--Speck.  May you rest in peace big guy. You will be much missed.

T--Turkey. The other destination on our travel itinerary! Istanbul to be exact.

U--Unusual. The guy who has been taking care of our pool since we moved in six years ago vanished about a little over a month ago. Not showing up, not returning calls. I'm still puzzling over what happened to him. It's unusual because he's always been so reliable.

V--Vera Bradley. I'm debating about getting a backpack for the upcoming trip. Really I'm trying to talk myself out of it...

W--Weight lifting. I need to get back into the twice a week habit.

X--Xeriscaping. Our backyard needs landscaping after the loss of the big tree in December. I want to put in native plants that are water wise since our area is constantly in drought conditions.

Y--Yoga. The big 'ah' in my life.

Z--Zephyr, zoo, zebra, ziggurat, zero. A list of 'z' words, none of which have any real meaning for me right now, but were all I could come up with!

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Happyone said...

That's a nice blog post to do. I might try it sometime.
I had to smile when you wrote about having a child in high school. Imagine how I feel - my son will be 42 in July!!!! : ) Unbelievable!! I feel like that should be MY AGE. : )


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