Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Soul Camp

As a treat to myself I decided to attend Heather's Summer Soul Camp. Well, camp started yesterday and I'm already feeling myself being more intentional about summer. It's so easy, for me anyway, to let summer just shoot past and not really enjoy the slower, easier days. For the next ten days at least I plan to slow down and enjoy it a little more. To start I decided to skip my regular class at the gym knowing a very intense sub was teaching. Since I'm not a fan of being screamed at while I work out, I chose to take a long walk instead. A very peaceful, if hot, walk along the neighborhood trail.

The last picture is from my son's riding lesson last Friday. He is riding one of the most beautiful horses in the barn, Tetska. And, yes, it was cool enough, in Texas, in July, for a jacket.



1 comment:

Happyone said...

I'd choose the walk too. : )


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