Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer Swap

Amanda at Sweet Potato Claire was kind enough to host another virtual craft swap. I really love coming up with ideas for my swapee (it's a word, I promise). And of course, it's always fun to get a gift in the mail. The package I received from Sarah at Gentle Home was full of all kinds of pampering goodies, including lip balm, tea, soap, a beeswax candle, hand knit cloth and jar/mug cozy. And the most amazing tea from Willow Teas--American Breakfast tea that has chocolate in it! Thank you so much Sarah. Everything is absolutely perfect.

For my secret swap partner I put the following together. It's oatmeal crumble, that is delicious in yogurt, vanilla sugar and energy bars along with notecards decorated with flowers inspired by Heather at Beauty that Moves, and a little something special for a special boy in her life. I hope it's been received and is being enjoyed!

I sure hope Amanda does a fall swap!


amanda said...

what beautiful packages you sent and received! I'm so glad you've enjoyed participating in the swaps~ I've had so much fun with them and it seems as though they've been largely successful all around, yay! I'm intrigued by your energy bars- do you have a favorite recipe?

amanda said...

and by the way those notecards look amazing!


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