Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge {Day 20 of 30} and Daybook

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For Today October 28, 2014

Outside my window... it's dark and finally starting to cool off enough that the A/C can be turned off.

I am thinking...  about how tired I am.
I am thankful... that Nina Pham and Amber Vinson are well, back home and mostly being left alone by the media.

I am wearing... a black polo knit dress

I am creating... not much of anything. I have too many books to read after this weekend!
I am going... to the doctor to get my foot looked at. I'm tired of not being able to walk without discomfort.
I am wondering... about Peggy's new community plans. Can't wait to see what she has in store for us!

I am reading... Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here by Karima Bennoune. I was able to hear the author speak at the book festival this past weekend. She is an intelligent voice for moderate Islam.

I am hoping... my daughter makes All Region band.

I am learning... to be patient with my body as it works to heal.

Around the house... general housework. Tomorrow is laundry day.
In the kitchen...  it's closed for the night!

I am pondering... the selfishness of people. There was an editorial in the paper this morning condemning the "selfishness" of the nurse who was in quarantine in NJ after returning from Doctors Without Borders work. The writer had the audacity to make the following comment: "...Hickox should take off her rose-colored glasses and step into the reality of the disease and its potential impact on our health care workers as well as all American citizens." I'm fairly confident that Ms. Hickox isn't wearing anything close to rose-colored glasses when it comes to Ebola. I'm just as confident that she is far more aware of the reality of this disease and its impact than the writer of this commentary.

One of my favorite things...my new candle Honey Pecan Pie candle from the Duck Dynasty collection.

A few plans for this week... hair color tomorrow and cleaning cat cages for North Texas Cat Rescue on Friday.

A peek into one of my days from this week...the books I bought at the book festival.

Four Seasons :: 30 Days Autumn Challenge
Day 20 of 30


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