Monday, December 8, 2014

On the Farm

Every year, the weekend after Thanksgiving, Homestead Heritage hosts Homestead Fair, an exhibit of heirloom skills, both domestic and agrarian. I've long wanted to attend, ever since Patty at Morning Ramble posted about it years ago. This year we spent Thanksgiving at home with only my parents for company so I finally had the chance to go. My daughter and I drove down the Saturday after Thanksgiving and had the best time. Homestead Heritage is an intentional community based on an agrarian lifestyle. They are a Christian community, with their religious beliefs based in Pentecostalism, but their lifestyle is very Mennonite/Amish. Unlike the Amish they do allow phones and electricity and all drive cars. However, they rely on horses for farming. They also dismantle, sell and rebuild timber frame barns as well as running a gristmill, wood shop, basketry, wool fiber and pottery businesses. The Homestead is open year round for self-guided tours and they have a café and gift shop on sight. It was an interesting experience with much learned. Plus I discovered that there is a much larger Mennonite population in Texas than I was aware of.

Waiting for the horse farming demonstration to begin.

The water feeding the mill.

Waiting for the barn raising demonstration to begin.
The fields. Viewed from an overlook we reached via horse drawn wagon.
Horses pulling the wagon.
Homemade brooms. It's hard to describe how beautiful these are.
Rocking chair made on site.

Sheep waiting for the sheep dog demonstration to begin. Plus a somewhat panoramic view of the grounds.

The wheel of the gristmill.

A small panoramic view of the grounds.

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Happyone said...

I love those big horses. If I had a horse that is the kind I would want.


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