Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter Wellness Recipe

I am taking Heather's Hibernate workshop again this winter. It's so wonderful to receive her daily missives that make me stop and think or spur me on to a nourishing activity. For our first activity she encouraged us to spend some time journaling and thinking about those things that nourish us through the long, cold days of winter in order to create a winter wellness recipe. Mine is fairly simple, but then aren't most things that truly nourish us. I created this lovely word document, but can't figure out how to get it over here, and every time I ask my resident tech expert (15 year old son) for help I get a sarcastic #helpdeskstories remark so I'm calling this good enough because frankly I don't find that sarcasm to be very wellness inducing. I took the pictures of my cat Laika this morning as she was soaking up the first rays of sun we've seen in about a week.
Winter Wellness Recipe
Daily Quiet Time
One day a week at home without obligations
Yoga and Strength Training
Plenty of Sleep
Notice Beauty

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