Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Quick Tour of the New Homestead

We are settling in pretty well in our new home. There are several projects left to do. Window treatments are on order--plantation shutters--and will be here on September 14th. I can't wait. Right now the windows are either uncovered or have paper shades or sheets covering them. It's not the most attractive look. I'm also anxious to put up some curtains for color. I'm also looking into replacing the rug in the family room (below) with a bound piece of carpet. I think that will be more cost effective than a rug for the size I want.

 Looking from the front door.


Happyone said...

Very nice!! Looks like a big house.

Kortney said...

Absolutely captivating spaces!

peggy, the simple woman said...

What a beautiful home!


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